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We know how busy teachers and support staff are, and so we have developed a range of interventions in collaboration with  Salford's Educational Psychology Service, aimed at supporting you in meeting the needs of children who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Each intervention consists of planning and resources for 6 sessions of approximately 45 minutes (shorter for younger children), and come in 2 formats:

Downloadable resource pack containing all planning and resources (£30)

Complete pack with all planning and resources ready - made (£150)

All of our interventions are available to purchase on our online shop

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Current interventions:

Complete kit boxes
Supporting children with anxiety KS1 and KS2

Complete packs with all resources ready-made  - £150 each
All planning for 6 sessions  (sessions are approx. 45 minutes each)
All resources for each session ready-made – many are re-usable and suitable for a wide range of activities
Sufficient resources for up to 15 children
USB stick with electronic copies of all resources to use with other groups

Downloadable interventions (£30 each)

Each pack contains all planning and resource sheets/ activities 

Anxiety KS1
Anxiety KS2
Friendship and Social Skills KS1
Friendship and Social Skills KS2
Understanding your Emotions EYFS
Understanding your Emotions KS1
Understanding your Emotions KS2
Understanding your Emotions (Whole School - £80)
Transition from Year 6-7
Further interventions are being planned and will be available next term

All of our interventions are now available to purchase on our online shop