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We are aware that returning to school is a huge transition for many children, and that some will need  additional support to manage this successfully. We believe that a curriculum that includes activities designed to support emotional literacy is key to children being able to access learning and make progress academically.

With this in mind we are developing a range of interventions that staff within schools can deliver to 'bubbles', smaller groups or whole classes. Each intervention contains planning and resources for 6 sessions of approximately 45 minutes. These are available in 2 formats:

  • Downloadable resource pack containing all planning and resources (£25)
  • Complete pack with all planning and resources ready - made (£150)



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We currently offer interventions for:

  • Supporting children with anxiety (KS2) 
    • complete pack with all resources ready made  - £150
    • All planning for 6 sessions aimed at KS2 children (sessions are approx. 45 minutes each)
      All resources for each session ready-made – many are re-usable and suitable for a wide range of activities
      Sufficient resources for up to 15 children
      USB stick with electronic copies of all resources to use with other groups


  • Returning to school: helping children to understand their emotions (KS2)
    • This intervention is a 6 week programme aimed at supporting children to understand their emotions and develop their own strategies to manage their feelings. Suitable for KS2 children, the downloadable pack contains all planning and resources for all sessions. KS1 and EYFS interventions will be available very soon.
    • downloadable pack - £25

Please contact us if you would like more details.